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The best equipment only with us!

We offer on a large scale snow groomers, snow guns, ski lifts and chairlifts, new and used straight from Switzerland!

What we offer

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Snow groomer

We offer used snow groomers for sale that are both reliable and economical. It's all thanks to our experience and professional team that is always ready to help, we help our customers find the perfect snow groomer for sale to fit their needs.

If your goal is to maintain ideal conditions on the ski slopes, our snow groomers are the perfect solution. Every snow groomer for sale in our range is thoroughly inspected and ready to go from the moment of delivery, ensuring reliability and top quality service.

Our range includes various models and brands of snow groomers for sale, allowing us to meet every budget and requirement. Whether you're just looking around for the right groomer or you're ready to buy, we're confident you'll find something for you with us. Take a look at our range of snow groomers for sale!

Ski lifts

In addition to ski lifts for sale, we also offer a wide selection of used ski lifts that come in a variety of sizes and specifications. Since each of our ski lifts is carefully inspected for quality and performance, we guarantee that you will receive a product that meets your expectations.

Every ski lift we offer is durable, reliable and ready to go from day one, and if you're looking for a specific model, our experts are happy to help you find the perfect ski lift for sale. With our offerings, buying a used ski lift is easier than ever. We know how important it is for a ski lift to be reliable and efficient, which is why every machine we sell meets the highest standards.

Our ski lifts for sale are ideal for ski resorts looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain their slopes. That's why we encourage you to browse our listings to discover how easy it is to find the perfect ski lift for sale for your business.

Snow guns

We also offer a wide selection of used snow guns for sale, which are an essential tool for any ski resort. We guarantee that each of our snow guns is thoroughly tested for quality and performance, so we only supply the best products.

Each of our snow cannons for sale is not only durable and reliable, but also ready to create perfect conditions on the slopes from day one. And if you're looking for a specific model of snow cannon, our experts are here to help. With their knowledge and experience, they'll help you find the right snow cannon for sale that meets your needs and fits your budget.

We believe that buying a used snow cannon has never been easier, and this is thanks to our wide range of products. We know how important reliability and performance are when it comes to snow cannons, so every machine we sell meets the highest standards.

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